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Skywatcher Super Plossl Bundle Eyepiece Kit

RM 480.00

Skywatcher Super Plossl Bundle Eyepiece Kit

Everyone knows that the Plossl telescope eyepiece is the workhorse of the fleet and Sky-Watcher delivers with the SkyWatcher Super Plossl Eyepiece series. They offer up offer edge-to-edge sharpness, blackened barrel interiors, fully multi-coated optics, rubber grips on longer focal lengths and rubber eye cups. What's more, SkyWatcher Plossl eyepieces offer a wide 52° apparent field of view (AFV). 

The symmetrical 4-element 1.25" Plossl design is the worldwide standard for premium eyepiece optical performance at affordable prices. They're perfect all telescope designs and offer the beginner a "step up" over most eyepieces which come included in telescope packages. Sky Watcher Super Plossl Eyepieces also make great "public" eyepieces for those who want to share the view! 

Included Items

-Carrying case

-Super Plossl 7.5mm

-Super Plossl 12.5mm

-Super Plossl 17mm 

-Super Plossl 20mm 

-LED flash light (Red Or White LED

-1.25" filter set (3 Colour Filters)

-1.25'' Moon Filter

-Aluminium Case