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All Products Have Standard 1-5 Year Warranty Warranty That Any Product Will Be Free From Material Or Manufacturer Defect Within From Date Of Purchase. Manufacturer Defect Cover Only Purchase From Optical Universe Scientific Instrument Retail Store. We Do Not Cover Non Authorized Unit (AP) Set That Is Not Purchased From Our Store 

Lifetime Warranty Buyer Will Bear Shipping Cost To Manufacturer After 2nd Year. Lunt Solar System Comes With 5 Years Warranty

International Warranty Defined As Warranty For Products Valid At All Countries That Selling Levenhuk Brand When Purchased From Us. We Also Accept Warranty For Products Purchase Oversea (Service & Shipping Fee To Manufacturer Applies For Oversea Levenhuk Product Purchase)

As Authorized Dealer We Have Spare Parts And Have Expertise For Repair Of Most Equipments. This Includes Electronics, Motor And Optical Lens/Mirror


All Demo/Used Unit Comes With Standard 30-90 Days Warranty

Item Return For Warranty Will Require RMA Number With Detail List Of Problem/Defects Experienced By Buyer. All Product Will Be Examined And Repaired Within 30-45 Calendar Days, Any Delay That Occured Will Be Informed To Buyer

Warranty Covers Repair Or Replacement Of Product With Similar Performance If Current Product Not repairable Or No Longer In Production

Product Purchased Are Not Returnable Or Exchangable After Purchase. It Is Only For Warranty Or Repair Purpose

Note regarding binocular optical alignment: Binoculars are very reliable products. If binocular is delivered with optics correctly aligned (collimated) it will remain that way for many years, unless it receives an impact. All Binoculars are covered for manufacturing faults for two years but optical misalignment resulting from an impact is not covered so we strongly recommend you check for this within fourteen days of receiving the binocular. After fourteen days we will not replace or refund a binocular for optical misalignment but we will happily quote for, then arrange, a repair. 

Optical Universe Scientific Instrument Warranty Does Not Cover In Anyway The Consequences Of Lost Of Profit, General, Special, Direct And Indirect Consequences Due To Instrument Failure.


  • Product exteriors (rubber or other material) covered for five years against defects in materials and workmanship but small scratches or blemishes not covered. 
  • Included accessories - lens caps/covers, eyecups, cases/pouches, and straps covered two years against defects in materials and workmanship, but not accidental loss.
  • Over time, optical coatings may develop small blemishes through normal wear and tear or abuse under various environmental conditions. These are not covered and the determination is at the sole discretion of Optical Universe Scientific Instrument
  • Basic optical system covered for useful life of product unless product discontinued
  • Collimation and optical alignment issues must be claimed within 7 days of purchase.
  • Loss of the product or accessories not covered by warranty


Buyer Must Prepaid The Shipment Cost For Return Of Product Unless Otherwise Specified.



Optical Universe Reserve The Right To Examine And Decision Of Item If It Is Covered By Manufacturer Warranty. Item That Will Void Warranty Includes 

  • Unauthorized Repair/Modification
  • Improper Usage
  • Physical Damage Due To Incident (i.e. Drops/Excessive Force Applied)
  • Electrical Current Surge (Computerized Telescope/Electronics)
  • Improper Assembly
  • Usage Exceed Item's Specification (i.e, Overloading, Straining)
  • Parallel Import Set (Product Not From Our Dealers Or From Our Store)


Warranty Does Not Cover

  • Cosmetic Damage/Deterioration
  • Scratches On Optical Component/Cover
  • Wear & Tear
  • Drops/Spill
  • Fungal Growth On Optics
  • Damage To Disposable Items - LED, Bulbs Etc