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We Started Back In 2010 Where We Started As A Small Online Retailer. Back In 2000s We Realize Astronomy Was Never Affordable And Instrument Are Not Properly Matched (150mm Newtonian With EQ2 Mount & 2.2Kg Counterweight Etc)


We Had Committed To Improve Malaysia Astronomy And Make Malaysia As An One Stop Center For South East Asia Astronomy Event. We Giving All Our Best Effort To Join Local Club Activities And Also Making Astronomy More Affordable For Everyone. Do Not Be Suprise That Some Of Our Products Are Below Regional & International Pricing. Our Mission Is Simple - Everyone Can Involve In Astronomy


Achievement So Far

-Setting Up Astronomy Observatory For KIST Kelantan

-Setting Up Observatory For Unisza

-Supply To Instun For Observatory Telescope

-Supply To JUPEM

-Supply For Multiple Schools

-Supply & Service For Jabatan Mufti

-Supply To Ministry Of Forestry

-Participation In National Planetarium Exhibitions

-Supply For Sabah Stargazer Society

-Involvement & In Star-Finder Astromical Society

-Supply To SMEO Batu Arang

-Supply To Singapore

-Supply To Thailand

-Supply To Korea

-Supply To Brunei

-Supply To Indonesia

Public Outreach Programme

We Offer Free Public Outreach Programme And Knowledge Sharing With Everyone From Time To Time As Well As Speech In Universities And Collage. We Welcome Anyone To Invite Us For Events Or Knowledge Sharing

Sponsorship To Universities

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Our Focus Is For Development Of Science Of Astronomy And Making Astronomy More Affordable For Everyone. We Had Sponsored Excess Of RM7000 Instruments To USM For Enhancement Of Astronomy Activity And Education Purpose

With Time We Hope To Increase Our Experience To Become A One Stop Centre For Astronomy In Malaysia. We Encourage Astronomy As A Educational Hobby And We Aim To Promote Affordability Rather Than Spending Unnessesary. Join Our Programmes It Is Free Of Charges. For Those Who Never Experience Astronomy Before, Welcome To Experience All