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Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Sysncan GoTo Telescope Mount Pier Tripod

RM 4,350.00


Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Synscan Mount With Pier Tripod

Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Mount Is Suitable For Astronomer Looking For Higher Accuracy And More Stable Imaging Platform Than EQ3 Or EQM35, Yet Retaining Portability. Custom Configuration That Provide Working Equatorial Mount In Low Latitude With Portability And Stability 

Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Mount Can Carry Payload Of Up To 11Kg (7Kg For Imaging) Capable Of Holding Optical Tube With Accessories Up To 6'' Size Or 4'' Refractors For Imaging, Up To 9.25'' Telescope For Visual Usage. The Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Mount Is The Choice For Those Keen On Higher Precision Mount With Future Room For Expansion And Multiple Capability In Both Visual And Imaging. 



 High Quality Equatorial Mount

Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Mount Is Heavy Duty Equatorial Mount. Perfect Choice For Beginner Astronomer Looking For Imaging And Visual Mount. True Fully Rotation Shaft For DEC


Adjustable Stainless Steel Mini Pier Tripod

Custom Matched Tripod For Usage In Equatorial Region, Mini Pier Tripod Suitable For Those Seeking For Light Weight Mount Without Need To Add On Extension Tube That Can Cause Mounting To Be Tall


Computerized Go-To System

Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Mount Go-To Technology. Go-To System Features Built-In Internal Computerized System With 42,000+ Object Database, Which Is Fully Upgradable For Future Database Expansion. Support ST4 Autoguiding And USB Direct



  • Payload Capacity :11Kg (Visual) 7Kg (Imaging)
  • Minimal vibration for steady long-exposure photography.
  • Telescope Mounting Method: Tube Ring
  • Tripod: Stainless Steel Legs
  • Counterweight Shaft Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mount Weight (without counterweight): 4.1Kgs
  • Mount Height: 35cm
  • Total weight: 10kgs (without counterweights)
  • Synscan V5 GoTo System
  • 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star Alignment
  • Solar Track Mode Alignment
  • Polar Align Computer Assisted One Star Drift Alignment
  • 42,900+ Object Database
  • USB Support, ST4 Autoguiding, PEC Supported

Included Items

  • Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Mount
  • 1.75'' Stainless Steel Mini Pier Tripod
  • 1x 5.1 Kg Counterweight
  • Synscan V5 Controller
  • Cable
  • Cigar Port Adapter