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OEM Laser Collimator For Newtonian

RM 170.00

Deluxe Laser Collimator 

Precise Collimation Of Newtonian Telescope Is Essential To Achieve High Quality Image In A Newtonian Telescope. Over Time, Newtonian Mirrors May Change Position Slightly, Causing Deterioration Of Image Quality. Simple Adjustment And Collimation Will Ensure A Newtonian Telescope Perform At Maximum Capability

Deluxe Laser Collimator Is High Precision Newtonian Telescope Collimated. CNC Construction With Critically Aligned Laser Beam Allow Precise Collimation Of Most Newtonian Telescope. Simple To Use, Insert And On The Laser, Adjust The Primary And Secondary Mirror Accordingly


Centering Secondary Mirror With Laser Collimator

Adjust Primary So That Laser Reflect Back To Collimator


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