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Levenhuk D400 LCD Digital Microscope

RM 2,499.00

Levenhuk D400 LCD is a digital microscope, which is a perfect choice for working in a medical or scientific research laboratory. It features a 2MP camera with an LCD screen instead of a standard eyepiece. An image from an objective is transmitted to the screen, which makes lengthy observations of samples more convenient for a researcher. Moreover, the camera allows for taking pictures, recording videos, saving data to a memory card, or transmitting an image to an external screen (additional accessories are required that are purchased separately).

This microscope provides magnification in a range from 60x to 1500x, which allows for studying smallest sample structures, including bacteria. The revolving nosepiece contains four achromatic objectives with 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x magnification. The 40x and 100x objectives feature spring-loaded frames that protect the front lens from accidental damage. An oil immersion method can be applied using a 100x objective.

Right underneath a revolving nosepiece, there is a stage with a mechanical scale. By both sides of the stage, there are coarse and fine focusing knobs. The lighting system is located in the lower part and consists of an Abbe condenser with an iris diaphragm and filter holder, LED light, and collector. The brightness of the lighting is adjustable.

Let's proceed to a digital camera and LCD screen. The camera allows for recording images and videos in the most common formats. A high frame rate and resolution provide a clear and detailed image. The camera control buttons are located next to the screen. On the back, there are slots for connecting the microscope to external devices, and there is also a slot for a memory card.


Laboratory microscope with a magnification range from 60x to 1500x
Achromatic optics, 2MP digital camera with a rotatable LCD screen
Observations in a bright field and using oil immersion
Lower LED lighting with a collector and brightness adjustment
Power supply is variable: by batteries or AC power supply
The kit includes:

Microscope with a 2MP digital camera and an LCD screen
4x, 10x, 40xs, 100xs (oil) achromatic objectives
Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with an iris diaphragm and a filter holder
Rechargeable AA batteries (3 pcs)
Charging power cord
Vial of immersion oil
Filters: blue, green, yellow
Software CD
USB cable
16GB SD memory card
Adapter and power cord for a camera
Dust cover
User manual and lifetime warranty

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