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GSO 8'' Classical Cassegrain Telescope

RM 3,500.00 RM 3,999.00

GSO 8'' F/12 Traditional Cassegrain

Traditional Cassegrain Telescope Are Excellent Choice For Both Visual And Long Focal Length Imaging Class Telescope. Classical Cassegrain Features Flatter Field Of View With Very Minimum Coma - Significantly Better Than SCT, Can Compete With EdgeHD/ACF 

Optics Open Optical Tube System Prevent Dew Formation Thus Eliminate The Requirement Of Dew Shield. Comes Includes With Dual Speed 2'' Focuser. Fixed Primary Mirror And Secondary Preventing Mirror Flop Issue In Schmidt Cassegrain. Smaller Central Obstruction Of Just 33% Allow Much Better Contrast Than Similar Schmidt Cassegrain



 99% Reflectivity Dielectric Coated Aluminium

These Mirror Are Specially Coated To Provide Maximum (99%) Light Reflectivity To Get The Best Contrast Available For Image Or Visual Usage. Compund RC Telescope Are Very Compact Due To The Optical Design


Precision Dual Speed Focuser

Most Standard SCT Comes With Standard Focuser, Our Classical Cassegrain Telescope Comes With High Quality Dual Speed Linear Bearing Focuser Allow Precision Focus And Sharp Image. Linear Bearing Prevent Focuser Flexure While Focusing And Locking


High Quality Internal Baffle

Our Classical Cassegrain Telescope Are Built With highest Standard Baffled Tube To Provide Maximum Contrast And Prevent Stray Light From Disturbing Viewing Or Imaging. These Baffle Systems Only Found In Higher Quality Telescopes


Wide Flat Field Image

Classical Cassegrain Optical Design Provides Relatively Flat Field With Very Minimum Coma.




  • 8'' (203mm) Classical Cassegrain Optical Telescope
  • F/12 Focal Ratio
  • 2436mm Focal Length
  • 7.5Kg Weight
  • Dual V-Vixen Dovetail Plate
  • Central Obstruction : 58mm
  • 28.6% Central Obstruction By Diamter
  • 8.2% Central Obstruction By Area
  • 9 Layer Internal Baffled
  • 580mm Optical Tube Length
  • Dual Speed 1:10 Linear Rail Focuser
  • Vixen Finder Scope Saddle


Included Items

  • 8' F/12 Classical Cassegrain
  • 2'' Dual Speed 1:10 Microfocuser
  • 1X 50mm Spacer
  • 2X 25mm Spacer
  • Dual Vixen Dovetail Plate (Top & Bottom)
  • Dust Cover
  • Mini Dovetail Adapter


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