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GSO RC 8'' Ritchey Chretien Telescope Optical Tube

RM 4,750.00

GSO 8'' F/8 Ritchey Chretien Telescope


Ritchey Chretien (RC) Telescope Are Leading Astrophotography Class Telescope. RC Are The Main Telescope In Most Of The Large Observatory And Even Hubble Space Telescope

RC Telescope Provides An Exceptionally Flat Field And Coma Free Image - Allowing Pin Point Stars All Across The Image. Most Newtonian And Cassegrain Suffers From Coma Where Image Is Sharp At Center And Become Bloated At Corner. RC Telescope Eliminates This Completely

RC Telescope Design Was Previously Not Affordable By Amature Astronomer. With New Manufacturing Technique, Previous Scope Costing Hundreds Of Thousands Now In Reach Of Budget Astronomer. Quality Are No Compromised. These RC Features A Solid Tube Construction, 2'' Dual Speed Focuser And A Multi-Layered Internal Baffle. These RC Provide Excellent Imaging Platform And Also Good Enough For Visual. Available In Size 6'' To 20'' RC (15cm-51cm)



 96% Enhanced Reflectivity Aluminium Quartz Overcoated

These Mirror Are Specially Coated To Provide Maximum (96%) Light Reflectivity Of All Spectrum Includes Near IR To Get The Best Contrast Available For Image Or Visual Usage. Compund RC Telescope Are Very Compact Due To The Optical Design


Precision Dual Speed 1:10 MicroFocuser

Most Standard SCT Comes With Standard Focuser, Our RC Telescope Comes With High Quality Dual Speed Linear Bearing Crayford Focuser To Allow Precision Focus And Sharp Image. Linear Bearing Focuser Prevent Focuser Flexure While Focusing And Locking


High Quality Internal Baffle

Our RC Telescope Are Built With highest Standard Baffled Tube To Provide Maximum Contrast And Prevent Stray Light From Disturbing Viewing Or Imaging. These Baffle Systems Only Found In Higher Quality Telescopes




  • 8'' (203mm) F/8 Ritchey Chretien Optical Telescope
  • Enhanced Reflectivity Aluminium 96% With Quartz Overcoat
  • F/8 Focal Ratio
  • 1624mm Focal Length
  • 13.4lbs Weight
  • Bottom Losmandy D Dovetail Plate
  • Top V-Vixen Dovetail Plate
  • Central Obstruction : 85mm (17.5% By Area)
  • Internal Baffled
  • Dual Speed 1:11 Linear Bearing Focuser


Included Items

  • 8'' F/8 Ritchey Chretien Telescope
  • 2'' Dual Speed 1:10 Linear Bearing Crayford Focuser
  • 1X 50mm Spacer
  • 2X 25mm Spacer
  • Vixen Dovetail Plate
  • Losmandy Dovetail Plate
  • Dust Cover
  • Mini Dovetail Adapter