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GSO 6'' F/4 Imaging Newtonian Telescope

RM 1,388.00

6'' F/4 Imaging Newtonian Telescope

Imaging Newtonian Are High Performance Telescope Specifically For Astrophotography. F/4 Focal Ratio Allow Rapid Capturing Of Dim Deep Space Objects, Yet Usable For Visual Application

Imaging Newtonian Provide Good Wide Field Image For Deep Space. These High Performance Newtonian Are Portable And Light Weight, With Quality Material And Finishing. Lightweight Telescope Allow Better Mount Tolerance (Less Strain To Mount) Enhance Stability And Image Quality. Includes 2'' Dual Speed Focuser Providing Accurate And Stable Focus Point For Astrophotography.

Coupled With Optional Coma Reducer, This Will Gives Wide Flat Field Image For Deep Space Imaging




 94% Reflectivity Enhanced Aluminium

These Newtonian Mirror Are Specially Enhanced Coated To Provide 94% Light Reflectivity To Get Better Contrast Available For Image Or Visual Usage. 


Precision Dual Speed 1:10 Linear Bearing Focuser

GSO Imaging Newtonian Telescope Comes With High Quality Dual Speed Linear Bearing Crayford Focuser Allow Precision Focus And Sharp Image. Linear Bearing Focuser Prevent Focuser Tube Flexure When Locking Or Focusing





  • 6'' (152mm) F/4 Newtonian Optical Telescope
  • Enhance Reflectivity Aluminium, 94% With Quartz Overcoated
  • 0.5mm Secondary Spider Vane Support
  • F/4 Focal Ratio
  • 610mm Focal Length
  • 63mm Secondary Obstruction 
  • 42% Secondary Obstruction By Diameter 
  • 17.6% Obstruction By Area
  • 4.8Kg Weight
  • Brass Compression Ring On Focuser And Adapter
  • Clamp Ring With Dovetail Plate
  • 2'' Dual Speed 1:10 Linear Bearing Crayford Focuser


Included Items

  • 6'' F/4 Imaging Newtonian Telescope
  • 2'' Dual Speed 1:10 Linear Bearing Crayford Focuser
  • 2'' Extension Tube 35mm
  • Clamp Ring With Vixen Dovetail Plate
  • 2'' To 1.25'' Adapter With Brass Compression Ring
  • Dust Cover
  • Mini Dovetail Adapter
  • 8X50 Finder Scope