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GSO 16'' Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope

RM 6,500.00

GSO 16'' Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope (Black)

Looking For Powerful Telesope, Look No Further Than 16'' Thrust Tube Dobsonian. High Quality 16'' Dobsonian Made In Taiwan

16'' Dobsonian Will Show Spectacular Details Of Astronomical Object Never Seen Before In Smaller Telescopes With Highest Detail And Clarity. These Telescope Can up To True 960X Magnification And Have Over 3371X Light Gathering Power VS Human Eyes

Large Telescope Allow Viewing Of Object Like Never Before. Small Globular Cluster That Appears As Fuzzy Patch In Small Telescope Will Resolve Into Individual Stars. Nebula Appear Brighter And Larger. Dim Galaxy Start To Show Its Dust Lane, Planets Like Jupiter Start Showing Not Only Great Red Spot, But Also Smaller Spot And Ova. Great Red Sport Start To Show It Swirl Cloud Pattern. And Saturn Show Its Magnificant Weather Pattern Includes Lightning Storms Activities

Great Telescope For Beginner Who Wish To Learn How To Find And Locate Objects Manually


2'' 30mm Superview Eyepiece 

GSO Comes With 2'' 30mm Super Widefield Eyepiece That Provides True Space Walk Experience. These High Quality Full CNC, Fully Multi-Coated Eyepiece & Internal Edge Darkened Lens



Large 8X50 Finderscope

GSO Dobsonian Comes With Larger 8X50 Finder Scope. These High Quality Fully Multi-Coated Straight Thru Finder Scope That Act Like Small Refractor With Wide Field Of View To Help Locate Objects


Enhance 94% Reflectivity Aluminium

Most Telescope Comes With Standard 88% Reflectivity Mirror On Their Optical Design. GSO Telescope Comes With Enhance Reflectivity Of 94% Mirror. These Enhance Contrast Of Image And Makes Object View Much Brighter. GSO Mirror Are Precise Polished To Provide Diffraction Limited Peformance (Accuracy Of 1/12 Wave) Allowing Maximum Sharpness At Highest Magnification




  • 16'' (406.4mm) Newtonian Design
  • F/4.5 Focal Ratio
  • 1800mm Focal Length
  • 0.5mm Secondary Support
  • Enhanced Aluminium Coating, 94% Reflectivity
  • 2'' Dual Speed 1:10 Caryford Focuser
  • 3371X Light Gathering Power
  • 58X Minimum Magnification
  • 960X Maximum Magnification
  • 0.285 Arc Second Resolution (Dawes Limit)
  • Central Obstruction : 25% Linear (6.3% By Area)
  • Diffraction Limited Optics (1/12 Wave RMS Precision)
  • Magnification : Eyepiece 1 (30mm) : 51X 
  • Magnification : Eyepiece 2 (9mm) : 169X
  • Dobsonian Mount Design With Altitude Tension Bearing System
  • Full Brass Compression Ring On Adapter And Focuser
  • Tube Material : Metal
  • Base Material : Wood


Included Items

  • 16'' F/4.5 Thrust Tube Dobsonian Telescope
  • Mount Base
  • 2'' 30mm Superview Eyepiece
  • 1.25'' 9mm Super Plossl Eyepiece
  • 8X50 Finder Scope
  • 2'' Dual Speed 1:10 Crayford Focuseer
  • 2'' To 1.25'' Adapter With Brass Compression Ring
  • 2'' 35mm Extension Tube
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty