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GSO 1.25'' 90 Erect Erect Image Amici Prism Diagonal For Telescope

RM 125.00

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GSO 1.25'' Erect Image Prism Diagonal

Erect Image Diagonal Provide Correct Orientate Image For Refractors Or Compound Telescope. Correct Orientated Image Primary For Terrestial Viewing And Also Low Power Wide Field Viewing Of Constellation And Full Moon. 

Amici Prism With Multi-Coated Optics Provides Higher Tranmission Rate For Brighter More Colour Rich Image. Suitable For Medium Magnification As Higher At Magnification Image Suffer From Phase Interference And Light Scattering (Apply To Most Erect Image Prism )

Please Note That Effective Barrel Exit Diameter Is Approximately 21.5mm, Effectively Reduces Field Of View Of 1.25'' Eyepiece (28mm) Up To 41% Area By Size



Multi-Coated Amici Prism 

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Multi-Coated Prism Surface Provide More Tranmission Rate, Reduces Light Lost And Product More Accurate Colour Renderation 





  • 90° Erect Image Diagonal
  • 1.25'' Barrel Size
  • Multi-Coated Amici Prism
  • 21.5mm Effective Barrel Exit
  • CNC Aluminium Construction For Telescope And Eyepiece Barrel
  • Black Anodized
  • Threaded For Filter
  • Internal Brass Compression Holder Ring 
  • 108 Grams Weight With Dust Caps


Included Items

  • GSO 1.25'' 90 Degree Erect Image Amici Prism Diagonal 
  • Dust Caps
  • 1 Year Warranty