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Celestron C90 Telescope Package

RM 1,450.00

Celestron C90 Telescope Package

Celestron C90 Telescope Is An Excellent Choice For Those Looking For Compact High Performance Telescope Scope. Celestron C90 Is Compact And Features Advance Maksutov Cassegrain Design. This Optical Design Allowing Chromatic Aberation Free Sharp View.

Celestron C90 Telescope Gives Very Good Performance And Clarity. Superior Multi-Coated Optics Provide Enhanced Contrast Of Image. The 90mm Objective Provide Enough Light Gathering Power And Detail Of Celestial Objects. Best For Viewing Planets, Moon, Nebula And Star Clusters

High Quality Optics And Finishing, Celestron C90 Is An Ultimate Choice For Astronomer. Built In T-Adapter For DSLR Attachment, Converting This Telescope Into A Powerful 1250mm Telephoto Lens

Great For : Birding, Shooting, Hunting, General Astronomy, Scenic Viewing



Maksutov Cassegrain Optical Design

Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope (Short MCT) - Is Amont The Latest New Design In Optical Technology. It Combines Best Of Refractor & Reflector To Minimize The Size Allowing Large Aperature Telescope To Be Compacted Into A Small Housing. It Has Better Optical Performance Than Most Reflector And Also Chromatic Aberation Free.

Multi-Coated Optics

Celestron C90 Telescope Features Multi-Coated Optics. Each & Every Layer Of Glass Are Multi-Coated With High Transmission Coating Enhancing Contrast. Celestron Spotting Scope Are Strictly Following True Manufacturer's Rating (Following US Standard) Most Lower Quality Spotting Scope Might Give A False Rating Than Can Confuse Buyer, While Celestron Stand By Highest World Manufacturer's Standard Of Real Performance Rating


DSLR Attachment

Celestron C90 Telescope Includes A T-Adapter Allowing Connection Of DSLR Camera With Optional T-Ring. This Allow You To Use Your Telescope As A 1250mm F/12.7 Telephoto Lens For Ultra Long Distance Imaging


Rugged Body Armor

Celestron 90mm Maksutov Spotting Scope Telescope Package 52268-OP - Celestron 90 Spotting Scope w/Tripod 93606

Celestron C90 Telescope Features Rugged Aluminium Allow Body Armor. The Thick Aluminimum Armor Protects The Body And Optics Even Under Very Hostile Enviroment


Star Diagonal Included

Celestron C90 Telescope Include Plossl Eyepiece And A 90 Degree Star Diagonal For Celestial Usage. Package Included 2 Eyepiece For Different Range Of Magnification. Default Setting Is 39X Magnification With 32mm Plossl And 100X With The Extra 12.5mm Plossl Eyepiece, This Provide Enough Clarity For Medium To Far Distance Objects. Celestron Spotting Scope Are Well Built With Multi-Coated Objectives Provide High Clarity And Contrast





  • 90mm Objective Diameter
  • Multi-Coated Optics
  • Maksutov Cassegrain Design
  • 1250mm Focal Length
  • F/12.71 Focal Ratio
  • 210X Maximum Magnification
  • 165X Light Gathering Power
  • 1.30 Arc Second Resolution
  • 1.30° Angular Field Of View @ 39X
  • 4.6m Close Focus
  • Water Resistant
  • 2.27 Kg Weight


Include Items

  • Celestron C90 Spotting Scope
  • 8X21 Erect Image Finder Scope
  • 90° Star Diagonal
  • 32mm Plossl Eyepiece
  • Dust Caps
  • Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Cloths


Free : 12.5mm Plossl Eyepiece

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