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2'' Celestron Oxygen III Filter

RM 499.00

Celestron Oxygen III Filter

Celestron Oxygen III Filter Is A High Specific Filter. Blocking All Other Spectrum, Only Allowing Double Ionized Oxygen III Band To PAss Thru This Filter

Celestron Oxygen III Filter Are Made In Germany By Baader Planetarium And Among The Highest Quality Oxygen III Filter. Oxygen III Spectrum Are From Mostly Emission Nebula, So Oxygen III Is A Must Get Item For Nebula Fans. The Highly Specific Spectrum Blockage Significantly Enhance A Nebula, Making Nebula Looks Brighter And Dim Nebula To Be Visible - Allowing You To See Nebula That Was Never Previously Visible. 

If You Need A Nebula Filter With Great Light Pollution Blockage, Celestron Oxygen III Filter Are The Best



Dieletric Coated Optics

Celestron Oxygen III Filter Feature Dieletric Coating. The Lens Are Coating With Plasma Ion Beam Hardering The Lens For Durability (Dielectric Coating Are Harder Than Diamond) The Precise Coating Allow Diffraction Limited Optics Even When Using Filter


Specific Spectrum Cut Off

Celestron Oxygen III Filter Features High Specific Spectrum Cut Off Of Tranmission. This Allow Very Specific Light Wavelength To Pass Thru While Blocking The Rest, Which Is Essential For Light Pollution Reduction