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OMAX 20X-40X-80 Dual LED 3D Stereo Microscope

RM 1,199.00

OMAX Dual LED Stereo Microscope

This is on of the best choice if you looking for a good branded stereo microscope with very wide view. This is the only one in the market that use a LED light system unlike normal stereo microscope that use halogen or tungsten
light it last almost forever (10000 hours or more) with the same brightness


  • High quality optical glass elements
  • Wide field eyepieces: WF10X and WF20X
  • Rotational objectives: 1X, 3X
  • Magnification levels: 10X, 20X, 30X, 60X
  • 45°inclined binocular head
  • Dual LED lights: incident and transmitted LED lights
  • Sharp stereo erect images over a wide field view
  • Diopter adjustment on left ocular-tube
  • Adjustable inter-pupillary distance
  • Locked-in eyepieces
  • Adjustable focus knob tension
  • Metal stand and framework


  • Head: 45°Inclined binocular with locked-in eyepieces
  • Eyepieces: wide field WF10X and WF20X
  • Rotational objectives: 1x, 3x
  • Working distance: 2-1/4" (57mm)
  • Field of view: 6.7mm/20mm
  • Left ocular-tube diopter adjustment ±5dp
  • Interpupillary distance: 2-3/16" ~ 2-15/16"(55-75mm)
  • LED cold illuminator: incident (upper) and transmitted (lower)
  • Easy illumination mode switch: [upper] [off] [lower]
  • Equivalent eyepiece magnification with 0.5x reduction lens: 10X
  • Adjustable focus knob tension
  • Frosted glass stage plate: 3-3/4" (95mm) in diameter
  • White/black plastic stage plate: 3-3/4" (95mm) in diameter
  • Head vertical moving range (along the pillar): 2-3/4" (70mm)
  • Power adapter: 4.5 VDC 600mA

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