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GSO 8'' Premium Dobsonian Telescope

RM 1,725.00 RM 1,750.00

8'' F/6 Premium Dobsonian Telescope

Looking For A Powerful And Yet Affordable Telesope, Look No Further Than GSO 8'' F/6 Premium Dobsonian. These Are High Quality 8'' Dobsonian Made By GSO In Taiwan. Feature Very High Precision Mirror (1/12 Wave RMS) And Best Optical Performance Gurantee (Minimum Strehl Ratio >0.95) And Enhanced 94% Reflectivity Coating

8'' F/6 Premium Dobsonian Will Show Spectacular Details Of Astronomical Object Never Seen Before In Smaller Telescopes. These Telescope Can up To True 480X Magnification And Have Over 846X Light Gathering Power VS Human Eyes

Great Telescope For Beginner Who Wish To Learn How To Find And Locate Objects Manually




Precision 2'' Focuser

All Telescope Comes With Precision 2'' Focuser. Dual Speed Model Available For Deluxe Model. While Most Competitor Provide A Standard Focuser, We Upgrade Our Scopes To A Large 2'' Focuser That Is Fully CNC From Aluminium Allow - Very High Quality And Very Smooth Precise Focusing. There Is No Deformity Even Supporting Large 2'' Eyepiece


Super Plossl Telescope Eyepiece

A Standard Most Entry Level Telescope Comes Standard With MA (Modified Achromatic) Or K (Kneller Design) Eyepiece That Have Optical Distortion  Eyepiece Which Have Small Field Of View. We Provide Superior Grade Plossl Eyepiece. Super Plossl Are Among The Highest Quality Telescope Eyepiece And Only Found In The More Expansive Eyepiece. Our GSO Super Plossl Feature Fully Multi-Coated Optics & Internal Edge Darkened, As Coating Is Essential For Plossl Eyepiece Design Which Is Prone To Glaring.



Large 8X50 Finderscope

While Most Competitor Telescope Comes With Finderscope, Our Dobsonian Comes With Larger 8X50 Finder Scope. These Are Very High Quality Fully Multi-Coated Straight Thru Finder Scope That Act Like Small Refractor With Wide Field Of View To Help Locate Objects. These Finderscope Alone Cost RM300 To Purchase, But We Provide It For Free With All Dobsonian Telescope


Cooling Fan

Most Telescope When Bring Outdoor Will Have Thermal Equalibrium Distortion. As The Telescope Is Kept At Room Temperature, Outdoor Temperature Maybe Lower. This Will Cause Tube Current That Will Distort Image. Inovative Design To Add A Cooling Fan Will Cool The Mirror To Equal As Outdoor Temperature, Allowing The Best Viewing


Enhance 94% Reflectivity Aluminium

Most Telescope Comes With Standard 88% Reflectivity Mirror On Their Optical Design. Our Telescope Comes With Enhance Reflectivity Of 94% Aluminium Overcoat. These Will Significantly Enhance The Contrast Of Image And Makes Our Telescope Object View Much Brighter. Mirror Are Very Precise Polished To Provide Diffraction Limited Peformance (Strehl Ratio > 0.95) Allowing Maximum Sharpness At Highest Magnification


Exclusive Promotion

Bundle With 2X T-Threaded Barlow Lens (Save RM70)



  • 8'' (203.2mm) Newtonian Design
  • F/6 Focal Ratio
  • 1200mm Focal Length
  • Strehl Ratio > 0.95
  • Enhanced Aluminium Coating, 94% Reflectivity
  • 2'' Precision Caryford Style Focuser
  • 843X Light Gathering Power
  • 29X Minimum Magnification
  • 480X Maximum Magnification
  • 0.57 Arc Second Resolution (Dawes Limit)
  • Central Obstruction : 25% Linear (6.3% By Area)
  • Diffraction Limited Optics (1/12 Wave RMS Precision)
  • Magnification : Eyepiece 1 (26mm) : 46X (1.2º  TFOV)
  • Magnification : Eyepiece 2 (9mm) : 133.3X (0.39º TFOV)
  • Dobsonian Mount Design With Spring Tension System
  • Weight : Tube 9.5Kg Base 11.5 Kg
  • Tube Material : Metal
  • Base Material : Wood


Included Items

  • 8'' F/6 Dobsonian Telescope
  • Mount Base
  • 1.25'' 25mm Super Plossl Eyepiece
  • 1.25'' 9mm Super Plossl Eyepiece
  • 8X50 Finderscope
  • 2'' Focuser
  • 2'' To 1.25'' Brass Compression Ring
  • Cooling Fan
  • Battery pack

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