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Celestron SkyProdigy 6 Computerized Telescope (Special Edition Black)

RM 6,999.00

Nexstar SkyProdigy 6 Computerized Telescope

Celestron Skyprodigy 6 Computerized Telescope Is A Revolutionary Design Of Performance & Portability. This Is The Most Advance Smartest Self Aligning Telescope In The World. The On Board Computerized System Will Automatically Detect And Align Itself Within A Few Minutes After Turning On. No More Manual Alignment Required. Portable 6'' Computerized Telescope With Nett Assambled Weight Of Only 10.4Kg & Can Be Broken Down To 3 Parts For Transportation, Celestron SkyProdigy Provide More Than Enough Power For Anytime Astronomy

Combining Advance Feature & Aperature, Celestron SkyProdigy Will Take You To The Next Step Of Serious Astronomy, Offering Impressive View Of Deep Space & Planets While Comfortably Sitting On A Chair. The 6'' Schmidt-Cassegrain Design Allow Very High Sharpness & Clarity With Unmatched Resolution From Smaller Optics. Planets Show More Than Just Colour Bands - Jupiter Will Show It's Complex Weather Band Pattern At Finer Details, Saturn's Ring Showing More Division, Mars Showing It's Polar Ice Caps & Surface Details. Even Small Globular Cluster Start Resolving Into Individual Stars.

Accurate Tracking Allowing Astronomy To Take A Step Into Astrophotography - Weather It Is Deep Space Or Planetary/Lunar, Celestron SkyProdigy 6 Will Provide Adequate Performance For Imaging With Relatively Good Result



 Schmidt Cassegrain Optical Design

Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope (Short SCT) - Is Amont The Latest New Design In Optical Technology. It Combines Best Of Refractor & Reflector To Minimize The Size Allowing Large Aperature Telescope To Be Compacted Into A Small Housing. It Has Better Optical Performance Than Most Reflector And Also Chromatic Aberation Free.


 Starbright® XLT Coating Technology

Celestron Starbright® XLT Coating Technology Is Latest Optical Multi-Coating Technology. Utilizing The Best Multi-Coating Technology, This Allow Light Transmission Of Over 97.4% Over Spectrum Of 450nm ~ 750nm. Celestron Starbright® XLT Coating Is The Highest Performance Coating In The Market


Sky Prodigy Technology

You Do Not Need To Know Astronomy, But This Doesn't Mean You Cannot Find Astronomical Objects For Viewing. As Easy As 1-2-3, The Celestron Revolutionary SkyProdigy Self Aligning Technology Will Automatically Align Itself Thanks To Powerful 1Ghz Processor Onboard And Built In Self Aligning CCD Camera The Telescope Can Provide Accurate Automated Go-To & Tracking Of Objects


1.25'' Stainless Steel Tripod

Celestron SkyProdigy Series Comes Standard With 1.25'' Stainless Steel Tripod Providing Sturdy Observation Platform. Like A Car, If You Have A Powerful Engine, You Need A Good Set Of  Tire To Ensure Stability.Celestron SLT Tripod Provide Good Stability & Lightweight Transportability Plus Providing Adequate Stability


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Moon Crates



  • 6'' (152mm) F/10 Schmidt Cassegrain Optical Telescope
  • F/10 Focal Ratio
  • 1520mm Focal Length
  • Starbright XLT Multi-Coating
  • 0.77 Arc Seconds Resolution
  • 360X Maximum Magnification
  • 481X Light Gathering Power
  • 40,000+ Object Database
  • Alignment : StarSense Automatic Alignment, Solar System Align, Manual Align
  • 14% Secondary Mirror Obstruction Area
  • 9.6Kg Nett Assambled Weight
  • Single Fork Arm Mount Alt-Alz 
  • Dual Axis Servo With Optical Encoder Driver


Included Items

  • Celestron C6 Optical Tube
  • Celestron SkyProdigy Computerized Mount
  • 1.25'' Stainless Steel Tripod
  • Celestron Nexstar Controller
  • Red Dot Finder Scope
  • 1.25'' 25mm E-Lux Eyepiece
  • 1.25'' Celestron Stardiagonal
  • Celestron User Manual
  • Sky-X Astronomical Software


Special : Free TS 6mm Planetary Eyepiece Worth RM220.00

TS SWM 6 mm


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